Buy a license

Levelbuddy does not work with FastSpring anymore.

To keep you using Levelbuddy, there is a temporary free license for 3 month:
Just download and run it.

I will handle the problem within its time.

This license works both for Levelbuddy and Wow Switcher.

One month license. $2.99, single payment.

Three month license. $2.69 per month (single payment $7.99).

Six month license. $2.49 per month (single payment $14.99).

If there is no valid payment method for you, you have 2 options:
1. Contact me direct via Discord message. I'll answer in a week, may be earlier.
2. Goto to and ask for assistance in the chat. For a small fee, somebody will help you very soon.

The reasons to buy: An inspiration:

We improve ourselves by doing. If we try to get everything for free, we will get a great skill to download anything without money at the end of life. If we buy things and need the money for it, at the same end, we will get the skill to earn money. Let's think which skill is better. Make your choice now. Do the first step.