Troubleshooting Guide

How to solve the most common problems.
  1. I need to make sure broadcasting works.
    Press the key "down" (or "S"). If minion walks back, it works.

  2. Broadcasting doesn't work.
    Run Levelbuddy as admin. (You need this if WoW is running as admin).

  3. Mouse broadcasting doesn't work.
    If you are running WoW in pure windowed mode, enable the feature "Broadcast mouse when windowed".

    If you are running WoW in full-screen mode on different monitors - sorry, it is not implemented yet. You could switch WoW client to windowed mode and enable the feature "Broadcast mouse when windowed" - this should works.

  4. Broadcasting key combinations in white mode doesn't work.
    If you are using combinations like Alt-A or Shift-D, you must also add Alt/Control/Shift to the white list. Press the "?" button for details.

  5. Minion doesn't cast at target.
    1. Replace casting spell with macro
    /say Key received, casting at %t
    /cast <That spell name>

    This makes sure that a) command is broadcasted properly and b) target is assisted properly.
    2. Enable background sounds in minion settings. Then try to cast and listen to what minion tells.

  6. Sometimes minion is running to previous target.
    This may happen because of assist lag. When you change target at the main client, it reports a new target to the WoW server. The server processes it and sends the result to a minion. This all takes about half a second. But due to network activity and server load, the time varies. So sometimes a new target comes to minion too late.
    You can enable the "Triple-Assist" feature to mitigate the problem.

  7. I need to blacklist the key <keyname>.
    Press the "?" button near the blacklist to see quick help about available key names.
    If there is no key you wanted, go to this page, find your key and enter its number to the blacklist. This also works for pause and forward keys.

Still stuck? Ask at Discord channel.