Switching Guide

Best practices for switching WoW windows while multiboxing.
  1. Add your Interact-With-Target and Interact-With-Mouseover keybinds to switching keys list.
    You will interact and switch to the next character with one keypress.

  2. Gather nodes by clicking with shift or control.
    You will gather and switch to the next character with a single click.

  3. Bind your main damage spells to mouse wheel (up and down).
    You will damage by all (!) characters just by scrolling a wheel.

  4. Remember that switching features work only in WoW windows.
    You will not jump to WoW while working with other applications.

  5. Consider installing the addon Gnome Sequencer Enhanced: Advanced Macro.
    This addon allows making long spell cast sequences, which is especially useful when damaging by one key.

  6. How to launch second WoW client with different settings or account.
    1. Open the folder where WoW client is installed.
    2. Find the file "Config.wtf" (should be in subfolder "_retail_\WTF\" or "_classic_\WTF").
    3. Copy it as "Config-minion.wtf".

    1. Find WoW executable file (should be "_retail_\Wow.exe" or "_classic_\WowClassic.exe").
    2. Create a shortcut for it.
    3. Open shortcut properties.
    4. Find line edit named "Target:".
    5. Add a space and then " -config Config-minion.wtf" after executable name.
    6. Save properties and launch this shortcut.

    From now on, WoW will separate all settings made in this client from your main client. Also, you can use a different e-mail to log in.

  7. Launch clients in the same order.
    If you want to switch directly (F1..F12 or 1..9), launch your clients using the method from previous point (via custom shortcut).

Let's see this short video demonstration of switching.

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