Welcome to Levelbuddy!

Great news!

New version with most wanted features and improved stability is available.

This version is paid per month, like WoW itself. It also has roadmap with more useful features like auto update, new settings, features for gathering, better minion behavior and so on. My price is $1.99 per month but reseller's fee is $0.75 so total price will be $2.74.

I say a lot of thanks to the people who donated. Especially who did it last months. Actually all Levelbuddy users should thank you. And they did - just read our channel or see quotes at the end of this page. These thanks are to you as well.

And now all Levelbuddy users have three choices based on who they are:
  1. Already used it and ready to buy. Just follow the link to new version.

  2. Never used it and want to try. Just follow the same link to new version. It has a free trial.

  3. I never pay for software. Even for WoW? Ok :) You guys have even three more options. First, you can use old free version. It is not supported but still should work. Second, you can use beta version. It has newest features but may have bugs. Third, you can use free trial sessions in new version.


2020-03-24  Version 2.0 Broadcast Settings has been released.

2020-03-01  Version 1.9 SorryForDelay has been released.

2020-01-08  Version 1.8 WotLK has been released.

Why dual leveling?

Leveling two characters together in Classic WoW is faster and more effective (see there why). This effect works in BFA as well. All you need is a mate who is always online when you are online.

Or, you can use Levelbuddy.

How it works?

You run WoW client twice on your computer. Every key you press in one WoW client is translated to another WoW client. So you are playing both characters at the same time. This is called "multiboxing".

Is it legal?

Levelbuddy screenshot Yes: official Blizzard answer and a lot of answers.

Is using Levelbuddy difficult?

No. You just need these steps:
  1. Make a minion character on separate account.
  2. Bind 1 key.
  3. Make 2 macros.
  4. Make same keybinding for damage, mounting, drinking etc.
  5. Run Levelbuddy (no installation required).
Then just play your main character as usual and a minion will do the same.

Is it free?

Yes. Both free and paid versions are available.

What are its features?

Levelbuddy provides several features to autocontrol your minion character.

How to setup them?

Full setup takes 5-10 minutes and is described there.

What people say?

"I briefly tried this one, and I liked its simplicity and easy of use."
By GrimWodan

"dude thats awesome this is exactly what I looking for small and fast to configure"
By BuloZB

"Been using it for a few hours and so far so good."
By yt0k88

"It's my first time dualboxing (CLassic) and must say I love it so far, works like a charm!"
By Flook1992


  1. Is dual leveling really so effective?
    Yes. Just see this famous video.

  2. Is it for Classic only?
    No. It works for BFA as well (and may be for other WoW versions).

  3. Can I use more than one minion?
    Yes. Keys are broadcasted to all WoW clients so you can run any number of characters.

  4. How to loot on minion?
    On main, just left-click on corpse then right-click there. If auto-assist and auto-interact features are enabled, the minion will run to pile and loot. Or you can use click-through feature (e.g. double click).

  5. How to accept/finish quests on minion?
    Automatically if you install EMA addon. Addon also will track quests for all your characters in one list.

  6. I launched Levelbuddy but keys are not broadcasted, wtf?
    You might need to run Levelbuddy with admin rights. This is required if WoW client is already running with admin rights.

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