Gaming Guide

How to multiboxing World of Warcraft and Classic with Levelbuddy.
  1. How to launch second WoW client with different settings or account.
    1. Open the folder where WoW client is installed.
    2. Find the file "" (should be in subfolder "_retail_\WTF\" or "_classic_\WTF").
    3. Copy it as "".

    1. Find WoW executable file (should be "_retail_\Wow.exe" or "_classic_\WowClassic.exe").
    2. Create a shortcut for it.
    3. Open shortcut properties.
    4. Find line edit named "Target:".
    5. Add a space and then " -config" after executable name.
    6. Save properties and launch this shortcut.

    From now on, all settings made in this client will be separated from your main client. This also allows you to use different e-mail for login.

  2. How to send a minion to loot a dead target.
    Just right click on that target. After a few moments minion will run and loot (assuming you did all required steps in setup and have Right-Click=>InteractWithTarget feature on).

    Make sure that you selection was correct, or minion will run to the wrong or previous target instead.

  3. How to ask a minion to loot in-game object like herbs or chests.
    First way is just switch to minion and click from it.

    Second way is to double-click on the upper edge of the object or slightly above the object. Since usually minion stays slightly behind you after following, you can be lucky and broadcasted click will hit the object at minion side. See this picture.

    Third way is to bind special forward key for minion and use it to move minion to your position. Then you can double-click just at the center of object.

    Also there are some looting features in development now.

  4. How to stop a minion.
    Just press "back" movement key, usually it is 'S' or down arrow.
    Also you can press both left and right mouse buttons. Minion will run forward but stops when you release buttons.

  5. How to turn a minion to a target.
    Press Interact-With-Target key, then press stop key.
    Since F11 is uneasy to press, you can make additional keybind for Interact-With-Target.

  6. How to understand what minion is doing (or why not doing).
    Go to minion's "Settings -> Sound" and enable "Sound in background". Then try to cast and just listen what minion tells.

  7. How to accept/finish quests on minion?
    Install EMA addon. It will automatically handle quests on minion.

  8. Best hotkey for main damage spell.
    I use "mouse wheel scroll down" for main damage spell (macro). This makes damaging like browsing a page.
    "Mouse wheel scroll up" is used for opening spell/macro, and "wheel (3rd) button" as second damage spell/macro.
    These events are all broadcasted by default.

Goes something wrong? See Troubleshooting Guide.