Levelbuddy setup

Open WoW client for your minion character and setup the following.

Required settings

  1. Open "Settings -> Interface -> Mouse" and enable Click-to-Move.

  2. Open "Settings -> Key Bindings -> Targeting" and bind "Interact With Target" to F11.

    Every time you press right click on main character(e.g. interact), minion gets F11 key and interacts with target.

  3. Make assist-macro with text
      /assist Your-Main-Char-Name
    and bind it to F12 key. Remember to replace Your-Main-Char-Name with its in-game name.

    Every time you press left click on main character(e.g. choose target), minion gets F12 key and picks up your target and follows you. Also minion reports what target it picked up.

  4. Make follow-macro with text
       /follow Your-Main-Char-Name
    and bind it to F8 key.

    Every time you press 'W' , minion gets F8 key and starts following.

Optional settings

  1. Make macro
    and bind it to F10 key.

    Every time you press right click on main, minion gets F10 key and confirms that it got your command.

  2. On both characters, make macro
       /script SetView(4);SetView(4)
    and bind it to F9 key.

    Every time you double click on main, both characters get F9 key and make their camera the same. With /follow macro your characters will stay together and have same eye direction, so with this macro you get almost identical screens.

  3. On minion character, add the line
       /assist YourMainCharName
    to existing damage macros.

    This makes sure that minion always hit the same target.

  4. Install "EMA" addon.

    It does a lot of useful things: auto accept and complete quests, track quests and items, check following and XP, and much more. This greatly helps to watch and control your team in game.
There is two minute video with setup (voice in Russian but subtitles are available).

Levelbuddy install

Just download latest version of single executable and run it.