Wow Switcher - Legal Multiboxing Software

Wow Switcher is an easy, free, and legal multiboxing software for World of Warcraft and Classic. It allows you to switch between several WoW windows. It has no input broadcasting at all so it fits Blizzard's ToS.


2023-07-01 Version 1.2d with actual time prolonged to another 1 year has been released!
2020-12-23 Version 1.2a with prolonged actual time has been released!
2020-11-30 Version 1.2 "Cheap license" has been released!
2020-11-23 Version 1.1 "Move Mouse Cursor" has been released!
2020-11-20 Version 1.0 "Multiboxing strikes back" has been released!


The program works both in windowed and full-screen modes.

If you are newbye in multiboxing, please see the Starting Guide for initial setup.

If you are already multiboxing, the Switching Guide tells how Wow Switcher can make your gameplay more confortable.

Is Wow Switcher legal?

Wow Switcher screenshot Yes (official Blizzard answer). It doesn't broadcast the input at all. However, people can still report you because they might think you use old-style software.

Is using Wow Switcher difficult?

No. Just run it.

Is Wow Switcher free?

Yes. You can play 2,5 hours for free every day. To play more time per day you should buy a license.

Yes, I want to try it!

Download standalone executable (Windows 64-bit) and run it.

If your browser does not allow you to download executable, download this crypted zip archive and unpack it. The password is levelbuddy.

I need to buy a license

Just visit the buy page.

Also, Wow Switcher accepts Levelbuddy's licenses. So if you already have one, you don't need a new license.

Still have questions?

See Starting Guide and Switching Guide (videos included).

Ask at Discord channel.

Report problems to author via Discord message or email.

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