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2020-Jan-08  Version 1.8 WotLK has been released.

From author about money - 2

Hello, buddies! Since my last call, I got about $80 as donations. This is still not enough to live but is enough to feel that Levelbuddy is living and actual project. So I plan to keep working on it. At least I am going to implement the most required features and paid subscription. This will take about a month, so keep watching the site!

Why dual leveling?

Leveling two characters together in Classic WoW is faster and more effective.

Or tremendous faster if you have slow-leveling class like warrior. There are a lot of class combinations that have great synergy (like in arena). The rules of thumb are: All you need is a mate who is always online when you are online.

Or, you can use Levelbuddy.

How it works?

You run WoW client twice on your computer. Every key you press in one WoW client is translated to another WoW client. So you are playing both characters at the same time. This is called "multiboxing".

Is it legal?

Yes: official Blizzard answer and another answer.

Is using Levelbuddy difficult?

Levelbuddy screenshot No. You just need these steps:
  1. Make an account with minion character.
  2. Make minion keybinds the same as main keybinds (damage, mounting, drinking etc).
  3. Make assist and follow macros for minion (see Features setup).
  4. Download Levelbuddy executable (standalone exe, Windows 7/8/10 only).
  5. Run it (neither install nor tuning are required).
  6. Play your main character as usual and enjoy the power of dual leveling.


To improve your gaming experience, Levelbuddy provides several features to autocontrol your minion character.

Features setup

To use the features above, you need a small tuning for your minion character. Open WoW client for your minion character and setup the following:
  1. Make macro
    /assist YourMainCharName
    and bind it to F12 key. Every time you press left click on main character(e.g. choose target), minion gets F12 key and picks up your target and follows you. Also minion reports what target it picked up.

  2. Open "Settings -> Key Bindings -> Targeting" and bind "Interact With Target" to F11. Every time you press right click on main character(e.g. interact), minion gets F11 key and interacts with target.

  3. Open "Settings -> Interface -> Mouse" and enable Click-to-Move.

  4. Make macro /yes and bind it to F10 key. Every time you press right click on main, minion gets F10 key and confirms that it got your command.

  5. Make macro /follow YourMainCharName and bind it to F8 key. Every time you press 'W' , minion gets F8 key and starts following.

  6. On both characters, make macro /script SetView(4);SetView(4) and bind it to F9 key. Every time you double click on main, both characters get F9 key and make their camera the same. With /follow macro your characters will stay together and have same eye direction, so with this macro you get almost identical screens.

  7. (optional) On minion character, add /assist YourMainCharName to existing damage macros to make sure that minion always hit the same target.

  8. (optional) Install "EMA" addon. It does a lot of useful things: auto accept and complete quests, track quests and items, check following and XP, and much more. This greatly helps to watch and control your team in game.

Also I recommend to bind your damage spells to mouse wheel (up, down and press) and do damage like browsing internet page.

What people say?

"I briefly tried this one, and I liked its simplicity and easy of use."
By GrimWodan

"dude thats awesome this is exactly what I looking for small and fast to configure"
By BuloZB

"Been using it for a few hours and so far so good."
By yt0k88


  1. Is dual leveling really so effective?
    Yes. Just see this famous video.

  2. Is it free?
    Yes. Donations are welcome.

  3. Is it for Classic only?
    No. It works for BFA as well (and may be for other WoW versions).

  4. Can I use more than one minion?
    Yes. Keys are broadcasted to all WoW clients so you can run any number of characters.

  5. How minion will loot?
    On main, just left-click on corpse then right-click there. If auto-assist and auto-interact features are enabled, the minion will do the same. Or you can use click-through feature (e.g. double click).

  6. How minion will accept/finish quests?
    Automatically if you install EMA addon. Addon also will track quests for all your characters in one list.

  7. What if I already run WoW client with admin rights?
    Then you need to run Levelbuddy with admin rights as well.

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